Table 1:

Relationship between body condition score and benchmarking/key performance indicators

Production characteristicsEffect of low body condition scoreEffect on benchmarking/key performance indicators
Breeding performances
Breeding seasonDelayed/shorterHigher barren rate
Ovulation rateReducedReduced multiple-bearing ewes
Return to serviceIncreasedHigher barren rate/extended lambing season
Embryonic mortalityIncreasedHigher barren rate
Pregnancy rateDecreasedHigher barren rate
Lamb production
Lamb birth weight DecreasedIncreased neonatal mortality
Lamb vigourDecreasedIncreased neonatal mortality
Milk productionDecreasedLower weaning weight/increased time to slaughter
Ewe longevity
Ewe deathsIncreasedHigher ewe mortality
Cull ewesIncreasedHigher replacement rate